This is our home.This is one end of our showroom.This is a washing machine.
This is our home.
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We are a family owned business and we have been in business for over 20 years.

Our business is built on repeat customers and customers who have been referred to us. When you are a family owned business the needs of your customers must come first. IT HAS TO, or we have no business.

Mainly because of our honesty and our no excuse policy we have turned our small used appliance store into the largest reconditioned appliance store in the GTA. With us, excuses simply do not exist for the reason that this is our reputation and our name.

We sell quality reconditioned fridges, stoves, washers, and dryers. All our appliances are fully rebuilt and no detail in the appliance is overlooked. Nothing is sold unless it has our entire approval.

Anyone can sell appliances - It's what happens afterward that counts. The quality of the delivery and the service. - This tells you what a company is made of. If you don't take care of the customers after the sale, then there will be no repeat customers. This is what Gold's is built on!

North York
Weston & Sheppard
North York Location 416-749-4653
58 Rivalda Rd.
North York, Ont
M9M 2M3
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